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Coffee Drinkers: Choose Your Roast

Coffee continues to grow in popularity and with the arrival of coffee chains popping up on every corner, coffee drinkers have a wide variety of roasts and flavors to choose from. The history of coffee is said to date back to Ethiopia, where a goat herder noticed his goats running with more energy, after eating berries from a particular tree. The goat herder discussed this with a monk from a nearby monastery. This particular monk chewed the beans from the same type of tree and soon noticed that he was able to pray longer through the dark nights without getting …


How To Home Roast Coffee

Roasting coffee is the process of transforming green coffee beans into roasted products. It is a very sensitive process which requires a certain level of expertise and profession to accomplish. It is best to trust the experts on this one however if you feel that you need your coffee to be the exact taste and quality then its best to try one of the home roasting techniques to make sure it is like that.

The process is simple. First the coffee is processed which consists of sorting, roasting , cooling and grinding.

Below is a cool video to show you …