Coffee Roast Flavours

Coffee beans need to be roasted in order to bring out that good flavor that we all crave for. When it comes to the roasting of coffee, it varies and it is of different degree and level, depending on how the consumer wants it. The degree of the roast determines the flavor of the coffee and it is all a matter at which the internal temperature of the coffee beans is.

When it comes to the level of roast and the flavoring of the coffee, it can only be determined at the critical stage which is the first crack and the second crack. There are three levels of roast which are the light, medium and dark level and in all these stages, the flavor of the coffee definitely changes.

Light roast

This is where the coffee beans are roasted but to a slightly lighter degree which makes their color change slightly and become close to that of cinnamon. Therefore, the coffee beans are still of a brighter color. The roasting g is halted immediately at the sound of the first crack. However, during the roasting, it is always ensured that no oil remains at the surface of the coffee beans. The temperature under consideration at this level is usually 383 degrees farenheight.

At this level, you can easily tell that the grains are at the state of being toasted and somewhat have a level of acidity. It is also noted that the caffeine level is also high as well at this level because they are retained from the green coffee beans. This level coffee is commonly referred by other names such as cinnamon roast, half city, light city, New England roast among others.

Medium roast

This level is where the coffee beans are heated until the second crack sound is heard. This type of coffee has a richer taste and it definitely has a deeper color. Their taste and aroma is quite strong and noticeable. The important temperature marks at this level is usually 427 degrees Fahrenheit which is normal for the internal temperature of the coffee beans and roasting is stopped when the temperature is reached at 428 degrees. This is where the second drack is just about to take place.

Only different thing about them is that they lack the grainy appeal and their level of caffeine is not that high but rather reduced. The common names used to refer to this level of coffee include names such as city, regular and American roast.

Dark roast

This level of coffee is achieved when the roasting process is stopped when the second crack is in progress. Much o0f the acidity at this level is neutralized therefore the acidity level of the coffee at this stage is closed to zero. The flavor of this coffee i9s much of bitter sweet which is enjoyed by quite many.

Therefore, the color is very dark, quite close to chocolate and most of the oil on the surface of the coffee beans is retained which makes it possible for one to notice an oily surface when coffee of this type is prepared. Since most of the acidity is neutralized, also the caffeine level of this coffee is quite low as compared to coffee types of the other levels. The common names used to refer to this coffee type include names such as French, Italian, Espresso, Continental, New Orleans and the Spanish roast.

Because people seem to have different tastes, also the coffee flavors come on different flavors so as to cater to the coffee lovers. The flavors vary when it comes to their caffeine levels, which is mostly influenced by their acidity levels. Also, their surface oil on the coffee beans vary depending to which level they are roasted.

To bring about the difference in their levels, the only thing that is varied during roasting is the point at which the roasting is halted which might be at or during the onset of the first crack or during or at the onset of the second crack which mostly affects the internal temperature of the coffee beans. The colors are also a great and important factor that really helps in determining the roast flavors. This is one of the beautiful features of coffee.

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