Equipment Used When Roasting Coffee

Coffee is a very popular beverage that is enjoyed by many. It is loved especially by those who work till late because of its caffeine content that makes one stay awake for long. Coffee has to be roasted to give it that fresh flavor that will make you crave for more. Therefore, one needs roasting equipment to tackle the job at hand.

There are a lot of coffee roasting equipment that can be used for roasting coffee to help you produce very good coffee drink from the green coffee beans. The coffee roasting equipment may range from home appliances to industrial equipment depending on the level and range of production that is required.


There are different types of roasters that can be used to achieve the same purpose. One good example is the drum roaster. This equipment is the most prevalent type. It requires minimal costs to operate and maintain it that’s why it is probably the most common type of coffee roaster. It does not have any complexities in its design and this makes it very simple to operate.

How it operate is very simple. Because of its structure which consists of a hollow drum, this enables high temperature heat to be applied to the coffee beans either at the sides or at the lower part. However, use of this roaster requires one to be very careful especially during application of the heat as the coffee beans may end up being scorched if the temperature is way too high.

Another type is the fluid bed roasters. This has a complex design and operates differently from the drum roaster. It consists of a hollow drum too. However, the difference comes in because of the way heat is distributed and in this case, it is by convection. In this way, it is very difficult for the coffee beans to burn because the heat is evenly distributed in the cylindrical drum.

Although not the most prevalent type of coffee roaster known, it is advantageous to use this type of roaster as research has found that the drink produced from this type of roaster is very good. This could be due to the fact that it does not allow any coffee bean to get scorched because of its uniformity when it comes to heat distribution. Also, other merits that accrue from the usage of this roaster is little time used and it is stress free when it comes to cleaning it up.

Air Roasters

Apart from using the roasters, there is another method of roasting the coffee beans which is known as the air roasting method. It is true that air roasted coffee is very special because of its one of a kind taste. When comparing the tastes, the air roasted coffee has been found to have a better flavor compared to those that have undergone the drum roasting.

The air roasting process is short and it occurs in four major steps. First, the coffee beans are subjected to high temperature, always making sure that the beans are roasted and uniformly so that they may produce the best drink as this greatly depends on their uniformity during roasting process. At the next step, the chaff is separated from the coffee beans to prevent them from having an unpleasant bitter taste which might be as a result of roasting the chaff. Therefore, this stage is very important to avoid any bitter flavor at any cost which will make one not feel the sweet and actual flavor of the coffee.

After the roasting is done, the coffee is then cooled. The final step might then be grinding so as to make the beverage easy to use. Hot air is commonly used for roasting coffee beans and this makes the next method called the hot air roasting.

This method starts from when the coffee beans are green and the two major steps involved is the popping and the cracking. This method is very efficient as the hot air is handy when it comes to blowing away the chaff which usually requires to be removed at this stage. Coffee roasting is a great deal in coffee manufacture and therefore a lot of investment has to be put in for making quality coffee.

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