How To Roast Coffee In A Popcorn Popper

Some people enjoy the fresh aroma of coffee in the morning time. In fact, it’s a great way to awake in a.m. before getting out of bed, especially on a day off from work or school. Because everyone is different, the type of coffee that an individual may drink today can range from instant decaffeinated coffee to roasted coffee beans. So, people can pick and choose the one that like the most. However, for those who have had a chance to drink a cup or two of coffee that comes from roasted coffee beans, they may not be partial to instant coffee at all.

With that being said, here’s a few essential things that some people may need to know about how to make roasted coffee beans. One of the most notable involves how an individual can roast coffee beans in a popcorn popper instead of the traditional coffee brewing machines that have been made today. Listed below is how its done so we have included a step by step guide that everyone can follow.

1. Before getting started, there is a few things that the individual will need to do this step by step process properly. So, here’s a list of items that they will need to gather from their pantry or from their local grocery store.

hot air popcorn popper
Unroasted coffee beans – raw, green unroasted beans (select a few different varieties)
baking sheet
airtight container
thermometer (optional)

2. Clear Counter Space

After all of the equipment and other items needed have been gathered, th next step in this process is to clear off a lot of room on the kitchen counter for all of the things that will be needed (i.e. popper, bowl with the catching chaff, and the baking sheet. Turn the popper on and pre-heat for about 30 seconds.

3. Pre=heat the Popper

The next step is to pre-heat the popper for appropriately 30 seconds to make sure it has the proper temperature.

4. Add The Coffee Beans

When it is at the right temperature, the individual will need to add 1/2 cup of beans to the popper. After the coffee beans have been added, the actual process of roasting them will only take 5 minutes and it is best to stay very close to the popper to monitor its overall progress. For instance, the popper will take the coffee beans through several different stages before the job is complete.

Monitoring the 10 Stages

As previously stated, the process of roasting coffee beans involves a number of different stages before they have been roasted. So, the person who is following this part of the process thru will need to be familiar with what each of them are.

1. Green Stage – The green stage can be described as the initial stages of the coffee brewing process, especially because green signifies the process is just getting started.

2. Yellow Stage: As the color begins to turn from green to light yellows, the smell of the coffee beans will change too. In fact, the aroma that it will emit during these stages is that of a pleasant grassy aroma.

3. Steam Stage: Though steamy and enticing to consume right away, the steam stage means it is not ready to be consumed and more time is needed complete the process.

4. First Crack: The steam from the popcorn popper will also serve another purpose because the beans will begin to pop and crackle as they open up and then begin the process of caramelizing.

5. City Roast Stage: Once the initial cracking starts and the beans have reach a minimum light roast, people will know that it is time to grind and brew.

6. City Plus Roast: In the city plus stages, the coffee beans will start the overall process of caramelization. In this step, the oils in the coffee beans will begin to migrate as they also open up expand in size. Meaning this stage is seen as a happy medium of roasts that is not viewed as too light, but also not at a stage of dark enough.

7. Full City Roast: When the process reaches this stage, the popping sounds will become violent. Therefore, people can expect a more dramatic robust expression of the coffee beans.

8. Full City Plus Roast: More volatile that the first crackling sounds, a second cracking sound is usually heard. It is at this stage that the professional coffee drinkers will refer to it as the penultimate (desirable) stage.

9. Dark (French) Roast: As the sugars begin to burn and the smoke becomes more pungent, the roast will begin to become very dark in appearance. However, the person should not let the darkness go too far.

10. Burn Stage: In this stage, the person has let it stay on too long because will be burned and completely ruined.

4. Remove, Cool and Store

After the desired roast has been met, the next stage is to remove the beans from the popper and spread them out on a baking. By using the baking sheet, the beans will cool much more swiftly. After cooling down, the beans can then be stored for further use at a later time.

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